This seminar introduces students to the comparative history of European fascisms and their ideologies through the lens of environmental history.
In the first part of the seminar students will develop through readings and discussions an understanding of European fascisms and their visions of nature within a global historical perspective.
In consultation with the instructor students will choose research topics early in the seminar. Research strategies and preliminary results will be discussed and refined in class. Students will be introduced to available online and library resources, and the development of writing skills will be an important focus. Primary sources available in English about the relationship between fascisms and nature are scarce, so seminar participants will learn and practice how to extrapolate from more general sources with the instructor’s guidance. Potential sources might include newspapers, reports and tourist guides in English, visual sources (pictures, paintings, film footage, and propaganda material), and memoirs, speeches, and legislation in translation. The final research paper will contextualize such sources within a solid framework of existing historical scholarship.

- Fall 2013
- Fall 2014